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Quality is our passion: and the quality of the sports game depends on both the player’s talent and the quality of the fields conditions. We take upon ourselves the full responsibility of the second aspect, and we offer modern, professional solutions tailored to your needs: air domes for all kinds of sports, permanent domes and impeccable sports surfaces.

Air Domes

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Why Sports Hero Domes?

Sports Hero Domes is part of the Tennis Hero Group, a company launched in 2015 with the aim of helping kids develop through the power of tennis. By choosing Sports Hero Domes products, you become part of our Mission: tennis education for all children – investing in free tennis lessons for children with limited opportunities.

We invest part of our incomes in free tennis lessons for kids with fewer possibilities and we prepare for a better future through sport.

The Sports Hero Domes Division recommends the air domes and permanent domes for several benefits:

  • Natural light: during the day, the air domes allows the natural light, and at night lightning system can be installed.
  • Versatility: Thermal insulation ensures good winter weather conditions and in rainy or windy seasons.
  • Easy to install: Regardless of its size, you can easily install the air domes individually, after the anchors in the foundation are assembled.

How are we different

We believe in quality

Economical and environmentally friendly

Reduced heating costs in cold seasons thanks to an innovative automation system designed to optimize energy consumption.


The structures we provide are of the highest quality materials. In addition, we train you how to maintain them to increase their life expectancy. We offer 5 years warranty.

Better playing conditions

Enjoy the benefits of an optimal temperature and stable ventilation thanks to our smart thermostat and the ventilation unit we equip the Sports Hero Domes structures.

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